Looking for agents / distributors

WellForce is the professional tool manufacturer of a variety of Home Improvement hand tools. The main concept of the design of home improvement project is “COMPLETENESS,” which means customers can buy all what they need at once. Wellforce can provide a one-stop service with exquisite, environmental and ergonomic(3Es) products. Being WellForce agents shall meet minimum qualifications:
1. There are local people to contact and communicate.
2. There are at least one or multiple warehouse in the local market.
3. There are multiple sales channels.

WellForce is looking for agents in the following countries:

  1. Southeast / Northeast Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Union of Myanmar, North Korea, South Korea, China, Mongolia
  2. South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
  3. Western Asia (including Caucasus area): EXCEPT Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Russia
  4. Eastern Europe
  5. Africa
  6. South America

If you are interested in being our agent / distributor. please email