About Us


Every single tool we produce is passionately and expertly crafted by hand from experienced technicians in the tooling industry. We do this to reach the best essential level of safety and quality for our customers. WellForce’s main goal is to reach new frontiers by building on innovative ideas throughout the tool manufacturing process. To put it simply, we carefully consider every detail and procedure of the manufacturing process. Not only do we provide tools, but also preserve a prevalent part of life by responsibly using precious natural resources to make our sought after products. Our technicians inherit their confidence and skills from previous generations of workers who have dedicated their lives to perfecting the art of hand-made tools. We have also studied and improved on practical manufacturing methods derived from Japan to provide our customers with exquisite tools. To fulfill our promises, our technicians and engineers dedicate most of their productive time to serve our customers sincerely. In return, customers receive tools with the highest possible quality of material, functional usage, safety, and of course, complete equipment satisfaction. Because of our sincere attitude to life, we have been providing a full service guarantee to service all of our tools with complete responsibility worldwide. With pride and confidence in our products, WellForce humbly presents their goal to be the first leading manufacturer of quality hand-made tools in Taiwan.

Plier & Screwdriver & Hammer & Snip